.​.​.​And Never Returned Again

by Elephant

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songs written by Patrick Goudeau
length: 35:03


released July 13, 2013

patrick goudeau -- vocals, guitar, piano, synth



all rights reserved


Elephant Nashville, Tennessee

some members of the band are missing. if found please contact patrick goudeau (elephant) at 615-939-6609 or graeme goetz at 615-775-7524 OR at Patty G's email, patrickgoudeau1@gmail.com. or if you just wanna talk to us hit up that number // www.facebook.com/TheElephantOrchestra ... more

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Track Name: wood
my dear look at how
wood turns burning cold
my dear look at how
sky bleeds white as snow
Track Name: snow
Down by the bank of the river we drank from again
Tell me everything of your life and why you never grin
And heavy eyes of golden green return to their home, they were born
They were freezing in the snow and they did what they did to keep warm
And they grow in the snow

Down several stories of the building that’s burning down
And we stop to talk to the man who’s a king with no crown
And he’s says we will die but there’s not a sound to be heard
And he stands up and flies and never says another word
And he grows in the snow

We shoot up to the stars and never stop going up
And find our home and red wine flows from a cup
I say hello to you darling and your face turning red
And you open up your present while the sky comes down on our heads
And we grow in the snow
Track Name: burning
Slight burns, feeling cursed
Growing fast and in reverse
Ghost feet do retreat
In the grass and on the street
In the tide and in the heat
Follow slowly with the fleet

Blank slate, cries of hate
Who can see this mental state
Ghost hands take a stand
Everything is very bland
Juliet could understand
Won’t you darling take my hand

Stained wings, angels sing
Fallen with a horrid sting
Ghost ears, kill my fears
Ripped to shreds with forced out tears
Caroling nobody hears
Listen as they scream and cheer

Poor souls, filled up holes
Singing as they fight the cold
Ghost heads, raise the dead
Feel the wind blow back instead
Open windows freeze my bed
Our souls turn slowly red

No love, broken dove
Who knows what we’re thinking of
Ghost brain, falling rain
Caught up quickly with the train
Love a person with no name
The world will see that we are tame

Warm clothes freezing toes
Unmarked graves nobody knows
Ghost eyes in disguise
No one cares and no one tries
No one falls and no one dies
No one sees it in your eyes
Track Name: embers
dear would you be my coat
and when sun isn’t here
can you cover my ears
to keep me from the fear
of your ghost
and spread your eyes to the sea
to freeze the hollow bone trees
and keep innocent eyes from the
rain bleeding skies
if you sit down and die
can you dear

dear would you be my coat
if your heart isn’t dead
but just dying instead
you’re alive in my head
on the coast
and breathe in the dark from the night
I’m scared of leaving your eyes
and if I never die
I don’t need to know why
I will just fantasize in my grave

dear would you be my coat
and sink islands of sand
coming close to your hands
when you said I was banned
from your mind
you are embers of me
i’m afraid to be (like) anything
and if I am just dumb
I don’t know where I’m from
I can sleep in the slums
for a while

dear can you be my coat
in your lemonade soul
can my eyes fill the holes
I just cannot control
and I want to be your only home
but I tremble and shake in my bones
and if I don’t have wings
then I won’t be a king
and I never will be anything at all
Track Name: vessels
Oh, we sail our ship, we never crash
We laugh out in the wind
And threw our heads onto the land
And never returned again
There are faces smiling greeting all
Collecting all my frights
We drew a house onto the sand
And waited for the light
Gone with the wind, we will go

And now I am wiser than
Whoever we will meet
We’re stowaways down in the hull
Hiding under our sheets
And serenade the broken hearts
Who are far smarter than us
We paint our sails and hammer nails
As our hearts blossom and rust
Gone with the wind, we will go
Far lonely now, we don’t know

Oh, we’re angels and we’re demons
We are stuck somewhere in between
We’re falling rain and it seems insane
And every day is Halloween
I’m a dust storm breathing frantically
With far too little friends
So teach us all that we will fall
Everybody has an end
Track Name: lucienne
Bring my Lucy
Taut and stone will never break your will
And burn blue embers
Lonely evergreen is kindly singing
Port Maria
With trails left in the snow you follow blindly
Echo to me
Not with voice, but cold and spirit dancing now

Darkness stalk me
When brazen eyes do close down for the winter
Sadly while she
Dawns her clothes in water, under water
Animal boots
Keep the storm from crossing into kingdom
Criminal food
Stolen from the ocean, far to briefly now

Bring my Lucy
Apples have eyes and apples have souls
Skeleton key
When my day burns with the fire in the urn
It will end
Bring my Lucy
Heart throbbing stories will make it more easy
Red fire oak tree
Eagle birds fly and they all fantasize
And find some friends
Track Name: happiness
Blinking lights flowing from your head
Send me letters of what you had said
And delay from the light makes me never dream
And we let our arms soak floating down the stream
Down, down
Down to cotton fields and endless gray
And we breathe for a while in the snowy day
Just to pray for an extra hour out of sight
And we leave our bodies as we fly our kites
Fly, fly
Flying over sea and through your hills
To remember the fools who seek foolish thrills
Home is where we intend, but will never go
Because we burned our map and we burned our home
Burn, Burn
Burn our firewood to keep you warm
And we run from darkness and create a storm
So darling, sing out so my dead ears can hear your song
After years of searching, I find I was wrong
Wrong, wrong
Track Name: trees
Bird without wings find peace in the trees underground
Hate from above, and no kind of love we have found
In the underground

Elephant tusks all begin to rust when they are lost
Soldiers coming home as they wildly roam through the frost
But they are truly lost

Trees, be my umbrella
Trees, by my umbrella
Bees, in my novella

Cold violent wind when my heart does grin, insomniac
And forget the page that said “hate is rage, it’s a fact”
We’re all insomniacs

Strangers to us all, everyone has to fall some time
Cursed is the soul who’s burning coals but never shines
We all fall some time

Trees, be my umbrella
Trees, by my umbrella
Bees, in my novella
Track Name: preamble
Above earth in some flying thing we made up
We made up for us
My cold and frozen heart is finally growing
Growing up
Our fake happiness is bringing my head under
Water, dear
All my bones will sing when we are finally set free
Set free from here

We all lose our individuality dear
When we don’t hear
The sound of music from a space we all created
And hated all
Burning bridge to light the fire in the doorway
It’s not all bright
So turn on lights so that our minds can know where we are
We are here