Rest In Peace, Elephant

by Elephant

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For a friend I lost:

Angels don’t sing if their lips are stolen
If you cry out, I cannot hear you
Down in your home, you looked so frozen
Signaling to me that you need to
Pray to the fog so that you can see
Cover your tracks in the snow
Shout to the God that created the breeze
You sing your anthem in the cold, so I’ve been told

From the last winter of our existence
We found out that we could laugh loud
She said, “I admire your persistence,
My heart’s been all twisted and I cannot
Find it in my soul when I’ve been tortured and sold,
Forgive me if I’m hurt,
Trust me when I say you don’t want to be with me,
I feel like dirt, I feel like dirt.”

I found it quite odd while I was dancing
With the young eyes I’d forgotten
They seemed to be red, but beneath, they had said
That they’re older now and they never want to
See the other eyes that sail away and then get high
Well, the coast is clear of your, dear
Burn the pictures now if you even know how
And run for your life from the fear that we feel

In great response to these vows of pain,
I said, “Look at you dear in your sorrow,
I am not perfect, but I think that my heart
Is awakening because now I can feel the
Light on my bones that I never felt before
And I want to speak to the dark,
Lift up your head, I want to see more and I
Think I’ve left my mark, I’ve left my mark

And darling, I cannot see, but I think I’d like to be
In your arms as I send you west, to the sun
Dear Evaline in your peaceful fever dreams
I see you, want you, need you, want to
Quietly pray to get rid of the haze in your brain
If it’s fine, after all
Heaven and hell, no one really can tell
No one wants to fall, we want to fall


released April 26, 2014




all rights reserved


Elephant Nashville, Tennessee

some members of the band are missing. if found please contact patrick goudeau (elephant) at 615-939-6609 or graeme goetz at 615-775-7524 OR at Patty G's email, or if you just wanna talk to us hit up that number // ... more

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