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released February 26, 2014

patrick goudeau -- songwriting, vocals, hand gestures, guitar, whale sounds
birds -- poo-tee-weet
length -- 55 min 20 sec
Cover art is entitled "The Observer" by Ashton "The Man; THE MAN" Orozco //

Recorded at Elephant Tusk Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Elephant Nashville, Tennessee

some members of the band are missing. if found please contact patrick goudeau (elephant) at 615-939-6609 or graeme goetz at 615-775-7524 OR at Patty G's email, or if you just wanna talk to us hit up that number // ... more

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Track Name: It's All For You
A year and a half
It’s a cry and a laugh
It’s a song to be heard from the roof
So sit down and pray
I’ve got nothing to say
I’ve got nothing that is solid proof

And I’ll break my back
Yeah I’ll break my back
And it’s all for you

A meaningless smile
Comes and goes for a while
Maybe someday it’s here to stay
Arbitrarily sing
To give love feathered wings
And a heart you will one day betray

See my leaves will fall
Oh my leaves will fall
And it’s all for you

Well I may have been played
But my mind has been made
To believe all the words you recite
And I cry in the street
Now my time’s been complete
I can’t feel this bomb I ignite

And I disappear
And I disappear
And it’s all for you

In and out, you will go
Like you’ve never been home
So you see a familiar face
But there’s fire in the sky
It’s the place I might die
For I’m gone and I won’t leave a trace

And I follow on
Oh I follow on
And it’s all for you

See both the eyes
Come away from their cries
And see them go tumbling away
How can you live
You’ve got nothing to give
Now that everything leads you astray

For I’ve hurt the most
And I’ve hurt the most
And it’s all for you

I’ve checked in the mirror
If you’re farer or nearer
But I can’t see your face anymore
So I’ll call myself blind
For it’s you I can’t find
Since you’re constantly out of the door

I’ll give it away
Give it away
And it’s all for you

I live like a schemer
But I’m just a dreamer
The blue and the white of your sky
But could anything be
Like the wind through the trees
Like the waves crashing through with the tide

But I go away
And I go away
And it’s all for you

And my words are a game
To see if you are tame
and if you are quick on your feet
but I lay down to rest
with these burns in my chest
and I lay in the cold and in heat

And I’ll break my back
Yeah I’ll break my back
And it’s all for you
Track Name: Look!
The sun is coming up on one side of the world
while the other side is black
Half of the people are laughing
and half don't feel anything
he's happy
she's sad
Track Name: Charcoal Sun
i may be a figment of your mind
but thoughts of me are hard to find
Track Name: Big Sea
big sea big sun
sleeps with no one
falling under
too much thunder
so i may finally run

big sea big waves
wake up bed made
praying before
we reach sea shore
blackest night bluest day

big sea big rose
no tomorrow
first comes laughter
die right after
when i am not coming home

big sea big fish
cold air cold lips
say "farewell dear
i'll be not here
to a place where i wish"
Track Name: Cloudhead
dwee-bah zippitetippety doo-wop dwee dwee dwee-doo swaggety jazzzzz
Track Name: Porcelain Doll
My porcelain doll
sleeps through most of the day
and will wake up in the evening light
to see if it is nice outside

but storm clouds are high
and they pound and break her eyes
and to her mind they will show themselves
and when her heart begins to melt

she says "I do remember you
from years ago, from rain and snow
in my heart, in my heart"

My porcelain doll
bites a rose between her teeth
but the rose is dead and cracked and brown
drops from her teeth and hits the ground

and breaks into two
so she searches for some glue
and soon forgets the rose that fell
and when her heart begins to melt

she says "I do remember you
from years ago, from rain and snow
in my heart, in my heart"
Track Name: A Little Later On
A little later on am I a figment of your mind?
An empty shell of someone you would rather leave behind
But love, can it be that the only thought of yours
Is to leave in the morning and lock all my doors
So if you leave, write a note, but we don’t have to stay in touch
I believe that I never was quite enough
I’m lost in a trance, in the hours before dawn
A little later on

A little later on, can I be right by your side
I will forgive you if you say that you were never really mine
But hope is a comfort that I’ve learned to live without
But while I live, I might say that there’s no point as of now
So I’ll just say that my fears have gone their own separate ways
But without my fears, I feel I’m stuck in a haze
And feel my heart is beating, but not for long
A little later on

A little later on will there be nothing in my head
To reverse all the lightning that flashes blue and red
Oh still, love me still in the depths of your heart
Even though what I am is winter in March
I am tired of feeling nothing and I am tired of my thoughts
I’m tired of repeating and saying things we’ve all forgot
I won’t see the morning, for I’m already gone
A little later on

A little later on if I am sleeping in your bed
With a little pocket book with some words I should’ve read
Oh well, could it be that I just don’t understand
If it’s love or hate in the palm of my hand
So I’ll see you in the evening if you’re still around
I’ll try just to wave and I won’t make a sound
I’ll die in my bedroom when I’m no longer strong
A little later on
Track Name: Sunhead
sunhead, close your eyes
for it may be time
to stop your weeping
for it may be time

sunhead while you're here
could you cleanse my fears
of dying alone
could you cleanse my fears

sunhead don't you die
the trauma in your life
will soon be gone
from your life
Track Name: Song for Green Mind
bee-dee dwee-opp skippededoo bop jazzzzzzz
Track Name: Aviator
Aviator follow her
If you don’t then the rest of the day is a blur
For I’ve seen you before falling out of the sky
And when you crashed to the earth, your spirit survived

Aviator could it be
That you’re too close to eternity
And the rest of your life is coming too fast
While you’re stuck in the days that all have passed

Aviator, come back down
If you live like you’re dead you’ll get stuck in the ground
If the love in your life is not here anymore
Then you’ve made a mistake in this life of yours

Aviator you had joy
But where has it gone, has it been destroyed
I feel death all around hanging onto your mind
I feel life asking you what you have declined

Aviator when you’re gone
It seems like you haven’t been for that long
But you need to forget what you wanted before
And remember the days when you were adored

Aviator stuck in the air
Can you still see yourself from way up there
Will you ever come down with your head still around
For I’m needing you now to be homeward bound
Track Name: Illustrator
If I climbed onto this train
If I came back i would not be the same
So either I’m fog or I just disappeared
Because I could not help but overhear
That you’ve talked about me when I was asleep
In the tiny hours within my dreams
So either I’m lost or I never quite learned
Illustrator color me by number
That I never should have returned
I can’t decide if I want to be dead
Or kill some of the ailments inside my head
So either I’m dust or I just broke apart
As I lay on my floor thinking back on the start
Illustrator color me by number
I can’t decide if I want to be loved
From the drones on the earth or the ones from above
So either I’m fake or I blend in with you
For my mind is afraid that I never can choose
Illustrator color me by number
Track Name: This Belligerent Mind of Mine
this belligerent mind of mine
paces on the floor and out the door
to where you are
it sings when it has finally found
a purpose and some solid ground
it's singing, it's singing for you

this belligerent mind of mind
brings a basket of dead roses
from your window pane
it weeps when sun is shining bright
but i am stuck up in the night
i'm weeping, i'm weeping for you

this belligerent mind of mind
remembers you when skies were blue
but yours were grey
it falls on both its crooked knees
to ask you "heaven, heaven please
i'm falling, i'm falling from you"
Track Name: Your Room Hasn't Been Yellow For Years
it's been three whole months since i've seen you standing there
you would've been something if you were older and if you dared
to break out of your cocoon and your fears
but your room hasn't been yellow for years

you would've been sleeping in the backyard of your mind
where i tried to see but i could never find
cause you never let me far from you or near
but your room hasn't been yellow for years

i see the sun come down on everyone but you
but if my skies are grey, then yours are hazy blue
because you never heard all of their silent cheers
but your room hasn't been yellow for years
Track Name: Flowerhead
and remember the days
when i wanted to be dead
with you and you and you