Girl With No Family

by Elephant

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songs written by Patrick Goudeau

47 minutes


released July 8, 2013

i don't know who painted the cover. if you happen to see this, contact me and i will give you credits



all rights reserved


Elephant Nashville, Tennessee

some members of the band are missing. if found please contact patrick goudeau (elephant) at 615-939-6609 or graeme goetz at 615-775-7524 OR at Patty G's email, or if you just wanna talk to us hit up that number // ... more

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Track Name: The Coast
I’d like to know what goes on in my brain
I’d be curious to know if I’m in love or insane
And if you feel the heart that beats loudly in your chest
Know that I need you the most, and I love you the best

And morning turns to noon, and the noon will fade away
Into someone’s loving arms that will get them through the day
And I’d like to know if you really want to go
To the land beyond the desert, to the land known as the coast

I’d like to breathe with no tension in the air
With nobody ever telling me that life is all unfair
Be my other half, would you be my other eyes
Can you drift into my soul, and from there, never rise

The leaves will fall away, but the fall will never leave
I don’t know what I’m hearing, so I will never believe
And I’d like to breathe the air of sunny gold
In the land beyond the desert, in the land known as the coast

I’d like to see what lies on the other side
Be in life, be in death, be in selfishness and pride
I feel like a morning, but I look like the night
I can feel like I’m dying, but at last, I think I’m right

This boat will sail away, follow orange setting sun
While it’s never coming back, at least I know it was fun
I’d like to see what will happen when you go
To the land beyond the desert, to the land known as the coast
Track Name: I'll Sleep On the Floor
You sleep in my bed, my dear
I’ll sleep on the floor
Sycamore seas and the mockingbird trees
Love is not mine, it is yours

You dream in your head while you sleep
I’ll dream in my feet
Newspaper leaves count the years till we’re free
Hate is a black and white sheet

You find hope wherever you go
I find it in sun
Halloween birds and cellophane words
Sing love is not two, it is one

You will speak when no one else will
I’ll speak when I die
Sailors in red sing the songs in their head
Says hate is a thing we all try

You bring joy when you call with your voice
I'll bring what I want
Sending me love when I hate what’s above
I said love is the chill, it’s the haunt

You sing “heaven help my cause”
I sing “give me strength”
I’ve been amused but I call myself used
And now hate’s an immeasurable length
Track Name: Mia
I feel a little older, and I feel bold
I feel my dead skin glowing in the cold
And I know Siddhartha, and I know God
And I know I am, and I know that I am not
So would you pretend to know me well
Would you pretend to know me well
To know me well

I feel your eyes move, then I feel your bones
And then my lungs collapse, my brain is made of stone
And I know where I’m not, and I know my worth
I feel your soul connected to the crooked earth
And for your ghost I almost fell
And for your ghost I almost fell
I almost fell

I found heartbreak where my heart was
I found my knees were shaking, trying to fight the dust
And you found nothing, deep in your mind
When I felt nothing when it all burned me inside
And now I come out of my shell
With scary words I cannot spell
and i cannot tell
Track Name: Girl With No Family
Oh you’re gonna break
If you let my bones shake
And the sky was made for me
And you’re gonna fall
If you storm through it all
And I see that you’re never gonna be

Oh you’re gonna drip
From the mind’s empty lips
And see me walking on my hands
And you’re gonna sing
With the dead, the autumn leaves
And feel the words that are drifting in the sand

You’re gonna fear
What goes too far and what’s too near
You’ve got a hundred different thoughts inside your brain
And you’re gonna hide
It’s not too far from suicide
And it will be just like you’re soaked in the rain

And you’re gonna blend
Into a crowd of a thousand men
And scream if your thought will get too loud
And you’re gonna burn
Trust me, we all get a turn
And somehow rise from the ashes in the ground

Well you’re gonna dream
If you’re stuck right in between
My house and a field of something gold
And you’re gonna slip
If you cannot get a grip
Cause I’ve seen you fall when you lost all your control

And you’re gonna breathe
All the wind, I do believe
As if you never heard the sound come off the trees
And you’re gonna dread
The voices calling through your head
And when you fall, you better fall right to your knees

And I’m gonna fight
If it comes to someone’s eyes
And breathe for an afternoon, at least
And I’m gonna roll
And feel tired of my home
While your words were bouncing far from reach

And I’m gonna sound
My face is in the ground
I feel lost, and your name, I do not know
And I’m gonna wake
While the dawn just imitates
And always will, so where is there to go?

I’m gonna hear
That you’ve become to me endeared
I’ve got no plans and no car and no heart
And I’m gonna slide
My way into the other side
But if you think that you need me, that’s a start

I’m gonna learn
to kill off all of my concerns
and beg you for a chance to be intact
and I’m gonna rain
from the sky some other day
and steal everything that I have lacked

And I’m gonna pay
To have my voice fill up the day
As I’ve told you, I’m filled up with all your words
And I’m gonna talk
Like I’m a crook, but I’m a hawk
And I’ll say that what you believe is absurd

And I’m gonna run
Cause you have all and I have none
I will forget, I will conquer, I will hide
And I’m gonna fly
When I have looked into your eyes
As if I can’t see what goes on inside

Oh we’re gonna find
That we’ve gone deaf and halfway blind
As we seep from the cracks in our mind
And we’re gonna bleed
And never ask for what we need
Even though what we need is what’s defined

And we’re gonna speak
And fall off of the mountain peak
But climb back to the top in reverse
And we’re gonna pray
To not become the black and grey
Across your floor and to your room I do traverse

We’re gonna feel
Like we’re supposed to be unreal
We need to be like anything we’re not
And we’re gonna flow
Into your mind to make you glow
I’m gonna count all the things I haven’t got

We’re gonna love
That we are not to be proud of
And hide the things we don’t want to see
And we’re gonna hate
That we know what does not await
As for me, I’ve been wanting just to flee

We’re gonna die
If we do not realize
The hardest thing is just to let go
And we’re gonna sink
When our eyes refuse to blink
While my heart, it felt like it froze

Oh and we’re gonna steer
Into tragedy, my dear
And I’ve forgotten everything I learned
And we’re gonna break
When we let our bones shake
I feel my heart wrapped in sun while it burns
Track Name: Happy Birthday
Learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a storm shouting violently directed towards the trees
And if you’re gone when I get here
I just want to say hooray for me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a million lightning bugs trying to find the deepest sea
And far away is a postcard that just says
Happy birthday to me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a bird in the sky that never learned how to breathe
And send regards to the fire fighters singing
How good for me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a pillow underneath your head and underneath the breeze
The cold is young and afraid but never quite says
How wonderful for me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a needle in a haystack and a needle in debris
And for an afternoon that seems to never end
How fantastic for me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a shadow in the dark that never wants to be seen
And never fall from heaven, underneath the rocks
How terrific for me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a microscopic skeleton who broke both his knees
And maybe someday I will run from everyone
Extraordinary me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a sad aristocrat who is trapped in catastrophe
And in the morning we will wake up like the dawn
Happy birthday to me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a dancing little criminal who laughs eternally
And with the night in both our eyes and everywhere
Happy birthday to me

And I learn to stop worrying and learn to be
Like a good for nothing angel who defies eternity
And never see the end of anything, I swear
Oh hooray for me
Track Name: In Memory of Esther
Out on the beach where the saltwater grows
Born in a hut, and born in a hole
Says with a smile to replace all the words
With slippery cellophane follows the birds

Finding a mind with ecstasy shields
She sings to the wind nowhere in the fields
The trees whistle back while greeting the day
When all of the ignorant all float away

Heart-piercing sounds drift away from her mind
When she finds out she’s two of a kind
And she talks to the sky when she wants to run
And buries the cash she stole from the sun

She dresses in black in the heat of July
When bright red cars come drizzling on by
And the lights come down upon her head
And welcomes the nights as she goes to bed

In memory, a gold-painted she
Will breathe in the dark and cut down the trees
In memory with palindrome keys
She swears me an oath, her voice is the breeze

In memory, irregular she
She hides down below, to keep from being seen
In memory, wrote in Linear B
Will close both her eyes, she dances with me
Track Name: Paper Bear
Paper bear, I’ve seen you wander
Seen you squander the thoughts you have had
And maybe someday sees you better
If you’d let her, good and the bad

But paper bear with paper claws
And teeth made out of tin
Won’t you come back to me
Come back to me
Some day again

Paper sun, I’ve seen you fishing
Seen you wishing to know the moon
But fondly look back to the autumn
If you have got them, don’t let them lose

So paper sun with paper light
With love that’s made of dirt
Won't you come back to me
Come back to me
Far from the earth

Paper girl that controls thunder
Gold to plunder, out on the shore
Climb the mountain if you want to
I’ve still got you stuck in the door

But paper girl with paper brain
And thoughts made out of clay
Won't you come back to me
Come back to me
Some other day

Paper lake will freeze in winter
Moonlight blister somewhere beneath
Can we go back to last Christmas
Sometimes wishes, under the wreath

But paper lake and paper ocean
Boat made out of stone
Won't you come back to me
Come back to me
Will you come home?
Track Name: All My Bones
All my bones hurt from the pain
That I gained from what I did on a dark winter day
You said you only knew of love
If it was someone else you’re thinking of

All my bones hurt from the lack
Of a friend who only sticks a knife in my back
And I think love never dies
But what’s the point if love passes by

All my bones hurt from the teeth
When they bit so deep that they showed what was beneath
And I am never coming back
To where you are, no I’m never coming back

All my bones hurt from the wings
That had grown from my back where there in nothing in between
And I think time is a wound
But to the pain I’ve been attuned

All my bones hurt from the woods
Where we spent several years when we know that we never should
But my eyes melt away
And follow on, my dear, I melt away
Track Name: Juniper
I fall asleep with Juniper
And we won’t ever wake up
Oh save me now
If you even know how
And feel a blowing wind

And I kill some time with Juniper
In the morning kind of light
And tired brains
Come in from the rain
And look up to the sun

An eternal dance with Juniper
This summer in the park
And I’ll never see
The sky through the trees
And never see the dawn

And fill my eyes with Juniper
When all is black and white
She climbs my bones
To find just a home
And finds it in my mind

I gave my ghost to Juniper
When my soul has died away
The clouds are green
And our eyes are serene
And we have no sense of time

I fall asleep with Juniper
And we won’t ever wake up
Oh save me now
If you even know how
And feel a blowing wind
Track Name: Old Dear Bird
Old dear bird can you sit around and talk
While the spiders from my youth
Draw a line made out of chalk
And if I see you in the window
And I feel the wind blow
I can finally go now
I can finally go now

Old dear bird can you sit around with me
When the voices from the thunder
Scream violently
And if the light is never coming
Both of us are running
I feel I’m becoming bold
I’m becoming bold

Old dear bird will you find me in the ground
While my face is in the earth
But my mind is in the clouds
And never be the happy ending
I need some befriending
I am just sending love
I am sending love

Old dear bird can you hang out in a tree
That sings the answer to your prayer
And finds the peace that you need
And will I see you in the morning
Whistle in your glory
Life is pretty boring now
Life is pretty boring now

Old dear bird can you help me watch the dawn
When I fix my crooked antlers
And clap my paws
And you’re a crook and you’re a time bomb
I have never been wrong
I can never sleep in peace
I can never sleep in peace
Track Name: This Will Be the Last Thing I See
This will be the last thing I see
Before I close my eyes
With stony smile
Can you stay a while?
And never leave
My side
For you are my only one
You are my home

Where will we be this time next year?
When I have closed my eyes
With stony smile
Can you stay a while?
And never leave
My side
For you are my only one
You are my home
Track Name: VFD
Sister, do reach for the gun on the mantle you stole
Fire in the brain lights the curtains that swallow you whole
And brother does breathe in the dead air and has self-control
The volunteer fire department extinguish the cold

Colorful taxis await my own new blushing bride
And stones fall from heaven and clouds come down calming the tide
And she waves at the grief stricken people who see what’s inside
And they form a line, counting cars, as they ask for the time

Sweetwater tides come on rushing to where they are lost
The fish broke their backs trying to save some face with a coin toss
And the sailor does find that the God in the air knows the cost
And fishermen sing idly by while they’re covered in frost

For someone who knows where the birds go when summer is gone
For anyone knows that the sun jumps off roofs we were on
For somewhere is anywhere bleeding for greeting the dawn
For anywhere steals all the mornings that were all foregone
Track Name: Gaia
ralph waldo emerson